Dr. Jenkins accepts many common insurance plans, however if your insurance is from a state other than Ohio and/or is an HMO plan, it is recommended you call your insurance company to verify whether are not we are part of their network.

Several plans were “closed” to any new physicians joining, so unfortunately there are several plans that we do NOT accept at this time. If we do not accept your insurance, many times we are still able to see you as an OUT-OF-NETWORK provider, which would likely include either a higher co-pay or higher portion of the bill that is your responsibility. Unfortunately, Medicaid patients are typically not allowed to see out-of-network providers due to federal insurance laws. 

Co-pays and any outstanding balances will be collected at the time of check-in. We will bill your insurance company for you, then after your insurance company pays its portion of the bill, you will receive a statement for any remaining balance. You will have the ability to pay this balance online or over the phone via credit card, or by mailing in a check or cash.

Accepted plans:
- Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
- Cigna:
- Cigna OAP
- Cigna PPO
- Humana/ChoiceCare
- Medicare (only some plans, see below**)
- Medical Mutual:
- Traditional
- Super Med Plus
- Super Med HMO
- HMO Health Ohio
- United Healthcare:
- Commercial healthcare plans (including the Oberlin Student Health insurance plan)

**We accept “Original” Medicare that is offered through the government. Often times, patients get their Medicare through a private insurance companies, and these are called Medicare Advantage plans. At this time we can only accept Medicare Advantage plans from Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, and Humana. We do NOT accept Medicare from United Healthcare or Aetna.

In progress / Coming Soon:
- CareSource Marketplace
- CareSource Medicaid

Plans that are NOT currently accepted:
Unfortunately, the companies listed below informed us they are NOT currently accepting new physicians into their network in our area, and thus we will NOT be able to accept the following plans in the near future (though we will be checking back every 3-6 months to see if they open their panels back up to new doctors).
- Aetna
- Oscar ("Cleveland Clinic Insurance")
- United Healthcare Medicare