About Our Practice

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Whole Woman Holistic Gynecology is a comprehensive gynecology practice that strives to provide well-rounded, respectful, evidence-based care in a welcoming, relaxing environment, with the goal of enhancing each individual’s health and overall well-being. 

Dr. Jenkins is a board-certified gynecologist who believes in the importance of shared decision-making when creating treatment plans for her patients. This means that treatment plans will be tailored for each person based on her unique set of symptoms and desires, and may include everything from natural recommendations (like dietary changes, supplements, and herbal therapies), to bio-identical hormone treatment, recommendations for manipulative therapies (like OMT, chiropractic, and therapeutic massage work) or surgery. Dr. Jenkins also recommends preventative screening based on standard guidelines and is well trained in minimally-invasive gynecologic surgery for patients who desire surgical treatment.

Our office environment is uniquely and purposefully designed to help women feel comfortable and respected. We have spa music playing and live greenery throughout the office to help create a more peaceful environment, and we make a conscious effort to maintain maximal levels of privacy as much as possible during exams. In addition, Dr. Jenkins always minimizes the time patients are undressed for exams: all discussions at both the beginning and end of the appointment are conducted in her office, not the exam room, fully dressed.

Our goal is to provide the best medical care possible, which includes a patient's experience during her office visit.

About Dr. Jenkins

Suzanne Jenkins, MD, FACOG

Suzanne Jenkins, MD, FACOG

Dr. Jenkins grew up in the Chicago suburbs, then went to college at TCU where she majored in Biochemistry and graduated Summa Cum Laude. From there, she returned to Chicago for medical school at Loyola University Chicago on scholarship from the US Navy. She completed her residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at one of the Navy’s busiest hospitals, Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. During residency, she was elected by staff and peers to be one of the Administrative Chief Residents and deployed on the USNS Comfort (one of the Navy’s hospital ships) for part of the humanitarian mission Continuing Promise 2015. She then went on to achieve her board certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology and worked on active duty as a staff physician and gynecologic surgeon at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune caring for active duty marines, sailors, and their dependents. She was also an instructor for Family Medicine residents and FM-OB Fellows during her time at Camp Lejeune.

After leaving active duty as a Lieutenant Commander, Dr. Jenkins wanted to share her passion for clean and natural healthy living, so she opened Whole Woman Holistic Gynecology in the summer of 2018 with the goal of providing a sensitive, holistic, and fully comprehensive option for gynecologic care.

“I have always been very health-conscious. I believe in the incredible power of the human body to heal if given proper support. In my own life, I try to eat a whole food (mostly) plant-based diet, minimize my environmental exposures, use herbal remedies and essential oils, and meditation and personal energy work for many common and minor ailments. At times however, I do believe that medications and/or surgery can be the right path, especially with regards to cancer or serious infections. Traditional medicine can have a lot to offer when used appropriately, so my goal is to help patients sort through all of the different options to find the right combination of effective treatments for their specific set of symptoms, while minimizing interventions as much as possible.”

~Suzanne Jenkins, MD

Dr. Jenkins now lives in Oberlin with her husband, two children, and beloved dog.  She enjoys family time, yoga, being outdoors, tries her best to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and loves animals and delicious vegetarian food.